Q:  Do you make all of the products you sell?

A:  We make all of the Desert Smoke and Pacific Provisions branded products.  The rest of our offerings are sourced from a variety of artisans who produce products for retail sale.

Q:  Are all of your products locally made?

A:  No.  While we are huge supporters of products made in our local area and carry quite a few, it is more important to us that the products we carry are from small, independent producers we feel we have a connection to than where they are from geographically.

Q: Are any of your products Organic, Gluten Free, Non-GMO, Vegan?

A:  We stock a variety of products that meet a host of individual and dietary requirements and all individual items are clearly marked as such.


Q:  Have you tried everything in the store?

A:  Yes.  Unlike many retail stores that order products from catalogs based on profit margins, we only stock items that we've tried, enjoy and feel a personal connection to.